NP acoustic established in 2016 in Hanoi, Vietnam is the first professional manufacturer of Hi-end audio productsin Vietnam.

Before NP acouticappeared, Vietnamese music lovers mainly used imported products, however, not everyone could afford to own qualified music products because it is extremely expensive compared with the income of most people.

The first product of NP acoustic is a sound transformer. This is anoutstanding product and also an achievement after nearly 20 years of research and development.

Highlights of the NPAcoustic products that are:

+ Wide frequency response

+ Very high Frequency linearity

+ Good square pulse response

+ Ability to resist magnetic saturation, the duration of life up to 50 years

+ The product has an eye-catching design with shiny, durable electrostatic paint

+ A variety of categories (Single ended, Push Pull, Interstage transformeretc.)

In order to get these qualities, we must first mention the secret accumulated in nearly 20 years, under the skilful hands of Vietnamese artisans, the products are carefully and meticulously processed to every detail. The input materials are carefully selected from reputable suppliers in the world from Europe, Japan, etc. After being coiled, the products will be soaked and dried to removethe maximum of the componentsof resistance and parasitic capacitanceto make wide and linear frequency response. Then the sound transformer is run through a process with a suitable time to increase stability. Finally, in the testing stage, the product is tested to access the output quality very carefully with modern measuring machines with high accuracy before reaching the users.

Even in 2016, the first products of NP Acoustic were quickly accepted by domestic customers and highly appreciated in terms of quality, eye-catching forms that are not inferior to imported products.

2017 is a boom year, marking the rapid development of NP Acoustic when transformer products of NP Acoustic brand have surpassed Vietnamese territory to world customers; continuously receiving orders from England, France, Italy, USA, Germany, Canada, Thailand, Japan, Philippines etc. In addition, 2017 is also the year marking the birth of NP Acoustic Amply tube with Amplifier Tube NP-01 product line. This product soon became a hit with the community of audio users in Vietnam, which is highly appreciated with warm, luxurious and detailed sound quality, bringing new and various sound. The trust and support of customers is a great motivation for the entire technical team of NP Acoustic to continue researching and developing the next product lines in the future.

In 2018, NP Acoustic comprehensively developed its outstanding product lines and promoted the production process. During the year, NP Acoustic had important agreements with many major partners.

Although newly established, NP Acoustic brand has quickly affirmed its position thanks to products with high-quality, beautiful design, affordable price, good service attitude. This is also the result of nearly 20 years of research, learning and previous experience and also our goal of striving in the future.