How to order?

1. Choose products

In the product catalogue, we have listed the current products of NP Acoustic.

There are many different types of the transformer for you to choose from, in which the wider the frequency rangeof the sound is, the better the quality is and the higher the price is.

2. Calculate the total value of the order

The price listed on the table is the price per each. For retail customers, when you buy in large quantities, the total value of the order will be equal to the price indicated on the board multiplied with the number of products you purchase. For example, when you buy one pairs of NP3.5SE18F60, the total value of your order is: 220 x 2 = 440 $

If you are a distributor or company, please contact us for the best price.

3. How much does shipping cost?

Currently NP Acoustic is using express companies as follows:

– In Vietnam: Viettelpost, Postal Courier (EMS),

– In foreign countries: DHL, TNT etc.

The shipping cost calculatedaccording to the price list of shipping companies announced at the time of delivery. NP Acoustic does not charge any additional costs related to shipping.

4. Can you find a shipper for your order?

We would love you to find a cheaper shipping company than the shipping companies we listed above. We will deliver to your shipping company in Hanoi.

5. How much do you have to pay us?

The total payment you must pay us before receiving the goods includes:

Total payment = Total order value + shipping cost + bank service or Paypal fees

If you find out another shipping company, the shipping cost you pay for the shipping company is under your own agreement.

6. Payment methods

Currently NP Acoustic accepts the following payment methods:

Domestic bank transfer (with domestic customers)

Fast money transfer via Western Union (with foreign customers)

Transfer money via Paypal

Note: All banking service and Paypal fees are paid by the buyer

7. How long does it take to receive goods?

All orders will be processed within two working days after we receive your payment.

The time of delivery isabout 2 weeks. For products not available or products ordered separately that ittakes more time, we will reply to your mail.

8. Can you keep track of your goods?

All products, after being sent to our customers, require the shipping company to provide the waybill code, from which you can track the entire process of shipping your order. The position and the status of the order will be updated regularly so you can be assured.