Amplifier Tube NP-01

Tube PCL86:

PCL 86 Tube has a rich history of over 60 years, blade and intestines are produced by TELEFUNKEN reputation, packed in Poland for rustic sound quality, accurate and engaging. Structure and circuitry of the PCL 86 has 1 Tube 3 poles integrated in a glass case with 5-pole power. The nominal heating current of PCL group is 300mA, and 14.5V heating voltage; power dissipation ≤ 10w. This gender bulb AUDIO Japan appreciated, many years organized “contest” to separate this shadow line (for a very wide frequency range, line ball for AUDIO)


Amply tube NP-01 is designed with 2 Tube PCL86 for 1 channel to speaker (pSE) running in the CLASS A pure, giving power 6W per channel; nominal impedance 8Ω, enough to satisfy users with loudspeaker ≥ 95 dB sensitivity. The highlight of the amplifiers are an OPT (transformer audio output) with Choke use Fe Amorphous C-Core from Japan, roll crafts and dipping oil with the process of drying, run review, calibration sleeve ensures meet pass frequencies from 7 Hz to 65 kHz, distortion ≤ 1%, (which has been tested by modern meter).

Components are selected from the known companies such as Audio Note, MUNDORF MCAP (silver gold oil), resistors TKD (Japan), or carbon film Amtrans yellow legs, back Takman manufacture carbon film v v.. production to order; lead wire 24k gold plated (gold plated OFC Teflon Jacket) etc ..


Quality sweet sound characteristic of the amplifier tube – Mid-range beautiful, plump and rich emotional, honest, very simple especially the strings and percussion, or with classical music or jazz. – Bands and downs vivid, natural. – Timbre sentence in the entire frequency range. – Music widescreen open.


Amply Tube PCL 86 PSE if combined with good “sound source” and one pair of speakers with high sensitivity would have sound inspiring, warm, emotional music with an inexpensive, fully meet requirements of the majority of users, including those who are very picky.


Output power: 6W / channel.

Frequency range: 20Hz-20kHz.

Distortion <0.1%.

Output impedance: 8 Ohm.

Dimensions: 450mm(W) 16mm(H)  348mm(D).

Weight 16kg